Easy Geyser

Convenient to use and economical to run, the Triton  electric shower heats cold water instantly!

About Us

We a small business and have been selling these units since 2011,easy to use and affordable , saving you money and electricity.

BULK ORDERS - We do bulk orders as well, please email for a quote .

More Information

The Instantaneous Water Heater provides hot water on demand. This means you are saving energy and money, compared to when using a noraml big geyser!

Electricity: At least 30% - 40% on Electricity, in some instances much more!

Water:  When using the shower rose you save at least 30% on Water.

Plumbing costs: Less piping needed.

Installation costs: Much cheaper than geysers.

Insurance: Insurance companies have indicated that they will endorse these water heaters because of great financial loss resulting from burst geyser pipes.

Maintenance: These units can last for 20 years and more

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Email: lammy786@gmail..com
Phone: 0764559767
Cape Town
South Africa